We are a group committed to living our agile journey to the fullest. We are dedicated to finding highly focused topics that help escalate development in each of our Agile Coaching journeys.  


We grow as a strong, tight-knit community of agile practitioners who have a drive to excel at our craft of coaching others in the artform that is agile excellence. 

Come and join us in our agile journeys and take an active part in writing your own.

Meet The Team

Heidi's mission is to nurture organizational systems so that people can feel fulfilled and co create awesome, innovative products & services. She works with growth-stage startups to help them scale effectively, and with established companies to transform to lean agile ways of working.

Heidi has extensive experience in building success in distributed and virtual teams. She is co-founder and advisory board member of the Open Leadership Network. She trains and speaks at events and conferences worldwide and co-hosts a popular virtual meetup series for Agilists at www.coachingagilejourneys.com. Her forthcoming book is "Team Coaching with Open Patterns." Her articles were included in a book, "Best Agile Articles of 2018." 

Isaac is a student of solutions and thrives on finding innovative routes to the destinations of success.


He believes people development is at the center of great organizations and works to improve the lives of those he is blessed to serve. Positive influence and cultural health are his two passions at the moment. 

As an Agile Coach, he assists organizations to navigate change without losing sight of their values, principles, or people. As a technology consultant, Isaac unravels the mystery of technical solutions and supports organizations to effectively use the best processes and tools for each job.

Isaac is currently a Scrum Master at AIG, serves as Executive Pastor at Cornerstone Church Amarillo, and occasionally works as a part-time consultant to other non-profits and startups.

Jeff is not your typical process, business, and tech person.  His career journey started with a focus in the fine arts.  He brings creativity to the table in all aspects of his career, from the way he works with people and organizations to the way he solves problems. Aside from his creativity, he's a natural leader where he's led sports, business and engineering teams to incredible results, even during very difficult times.


That unique blend of creativity, leadership and combine that with his strong sense of continuing education, and you have someone who has made positive and valuable impact for each company, leadership team, organization various people he's either worked for or with.   It also shows in his body of work as a trainer, keynote speaker, holistic systems improvement visionary, troubleshooter and especially in his strong belief to make sacrifices for the betterment of his team and company to achieve lofty goals.


This CAJ leader has an impressive background and long list of verified accomplishments as well as so many recommendations and kind words regarding his performance from key leaders and teammates he's worked with.  Feel free to check out his LinkedIn profile to learn more!


Today he serves as a Scrum Master at Cofense (formerly PhishMe)

Motivated by a strong desire to serve, Lori strives to advance social change in the workplace through the principles of Agile.


Starting her career as a software developer over 20 years ago, she now enjoys creating evolved environments where people can live and work to their potential as an Agile Coach and Leader.  She finds great satisfaction in seeing people realize the great things they can accomplish when given the flexibility and freedom to do so.


Lori is also an entrepreneur and mentor for startup companies looking to instill an Agile mindset from the ground up.

Cristin coaches teams at all levels of the organization to incorporate continuous improvement and a shared sense of leadership in all aspects of their day-to-day. Each team brings with it a unique set of personalities, experience, biases, and challenges; and Cristin strives to give them tools that enable autonomy, mastery and purpose.

She has been working with remote teams since 2002 and is currently leading the Agile Practice Team at Auth0.

Mark Cruth is an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and catalyst for change in organizations. Since being introduced to Agile in 2009, Mark has made it his mission to inject the values and principles of Agile into everything he does. He has worked to bring about Agile Transformation for teams across multiple industries, including large manufacturers (Boeing), retailers (Nordstrom), big data (Nielsen), and FinTech (TD Ameritrade). Today Mark works as an Agile Coach for Quicken Loans, as well as operates his own Coaching, Consulting, and Training company called Teal Mavericks, LLC, which is focused on organizational evolution.

Website Link: www.tealmavericks.com

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