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CAJ 054-Peter Fischbach-Acting Like an Executive Coach

CAJ 056-Marcus Dimbleby-Making Better Decisions in a VUCA World Red Teaming

CAJ 053-Mark Sheffield-Inviting Leadership

CAJ 055-Jeff Gothelf-Forever employable: how to ensure your career stays as agile as your work

CAJ 052-David Horowitz-Retrospective Q&A

CAJ 051-Craig Cockburn-Visualizing the Why-Strategy and Roadmaps in Context

CAJ 050-Edwin Van Der Geest-Don't play Chess, Shoot like Angry Birds instead

CAJ 049-Bob Galen-Culture-Shaping: An Agile Leadership Imperative

Speaker's Slides

  • On slide #3, there are 3-book links for free copies

  • On slide #28 there is a link to an e-copy of the survey we went through

  • Also on slide 28 is a link to a DRAFT 5-part series I've been working on focused towards Culture-Shaping activity/habits

CAJ 048-John Albrecht-Where have all the settlers gone?


CAJ 047-Ryan Ripley-Fixing Your Scrum: Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems


CAJ 046-Christy Erbeck-Dare To Lead


CAJ 045-Daryl Kulak-The Politics of Business Agility

CAJ 044-Zach Bonaker-Agile Hiring

CAJ 043-Darren Terrell-Inviting Vision

CAJ 042-Heidi Helfand-5 Ways to Get Better at Reteaming when Scaling Your Company

CAJ 041-Lisa Cooney-Cognitive Bias

Links from the speaker:

First video:

Second video:

CAJ 040-Gil Broza-How to Help Your Non-Software Colleagues Adopt Agile

CAJ 039-Ryan Latta-Tune Up your Stand Ups

CAJ 038-Jutta Eckstein-The hidden power of Organizational Open Space

CAJ 037-Daniel Vacanti-Don't be a Ditka

CAJ 036-John Cutler-Open Q&A on Product Development

CAJ 035-Colleen Johnson-Why WIP Matters

CAJ 034-Michael Cavopol-Driving adaptability through chaotic times

CAJ 033-Bob Woods-Flick The Light On: The Art to Finding the Smart

CAJ 032-Mike Burrows-Outcome-orientation for change and delivery

CAJ 031-Eleni Pallas-How to solve persistent team-related problems with Human-centric leading

CAJ 030-Mark Cruth-Let Me Tell You A Story: The Power of Storytelling in Agile Coaching

CAJ 029-Aleksandr Kizhner-When Should We Stop To Move Faster

CAJ 028-Chad Beier-The Boat Rocker's Toolkit

CAJ 027-Heidi Araya-The Role of Project Management in an Agile Environment

CAJ 026-Bob the BA-Influencing Without Authority: Key Insights from an Insider

CAJ 025-Daniel Mezick-Was your organization READY for Agile?

CAJ 024-Chelsea Williams - Reimagining the Way People Work Together

CAJ 022-Jay Packlick-Overcoming Immunity to Change

CAJ 021-Harald Koebler-Team Safety-Your Team’s Secret Superpower

CAJ 020-Pilar Orti-Playful Collaboration Online

CAJ 019-James and Jerry Bussell-Making Continuous Improvement Simple

CAJ 018-Sam Falco-Coaching Around Resistance

CAJ 017-Mike Ackerbaur-Understanding the Keys to Breakthrough Teams

CAJ 016-Mark Kilby-Thriving in Virtual Space

CAJ 015-Mark Cruth-Re-energize your Retrospective!

CAJ 014-Rick Spiewak-Principles for Constructing Quality Software: A Fundamental Approach

CAJ 013-Dottye Stewart-Agile Acoustic Set

CAJ 012-Bob Woods-Agile Metrics that Mean something

CAJ 011-Fred Mastropasqua-Showing Real Project Progress

CAJ 010-Michael Hannan-Three High-Impact Techniques to Accelerate Projects

CAJ 009-Philip Lew-Testing in Agile

CAJ 008-Robin Goldsmith-Requirements Are Simply Requirements—or Maybe Not

CAJ 007-Stephanie Davis-Valpak-A fresh breath of Agile maturity

CAJ 006-Colleen Esposito-Flipping Agile

CAJ 005-Heidi Araya-Scrum Kanban Scrumban

CAJ 003-Topic Discovery

CAJ 002-Isaac Garcia-What is Extreme Ownership and how can it help me?

CAJ 001-Jeff Koors-Overcome Process Mess

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