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Coaching Agile Journeys is proud to partner with the Open Leadership Network as our sponsor

What is Open Leadership?

Let’s start with Open. Open methods are those methods that engage the attention & energy of your workforce. And employee engagement is essential to any success that you may have. Open methods of leadership leverage the power of invitation, to engage employees and rapidly create strongly positive business outcomes.  

CAJ/OLN Open Space 001-Thriving with Change

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What is the Open Leadership Symposium? 

There's real movement now, towards Open ways of working. And there's strong corresponding interest on the part of executives, the leaders who are sensing the very real change that is now in the air.


Something big is happening. Something to do with business agility. If you are in a leadership role in your company, The Open Leadership Symposium is a very important conference where you'll get ahead of the curve and gain key skills in Open Leadership.


You'll also find your peers in leadership, those who are now sensing & responding to the very same set of trends that you are.

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Session 4

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