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What is Open Leadership?

Let’s start with Open. Open methods are those methods that engage the attention & energy of your workforce. And employee engagement is essential to any success that you may have. Open methods of leadership leverage the power of invitation, to engage employees and rapidly create strongly positive business outcomes.  

What is the Open Leadership Symposium? 

There's real movement now, towards Open ways of working. And there's strong corresponding interest on the part of executives, the leaders who are sensing the very real change that is now in the air.


Something big is happening. Something to do with business agility. If you are in a leadership role in your company, The Open Leadership Symposium May 14-15 in Boston is a very important conference where you'll get ahead of the curve and gain key skills in Open Leadership.


You'll also find your peers in leadership, those who are now sensing & responding to the very same set of trends that you are.

PART 1: Scaling Employee Engagement with Daniel Mezick

If employees do not engage in the Agile change, there is not going to be any change at all. Geoffrey Moore, arguably the most prominent management consultant of our time, says: “Transformations can’t be accomplished without others helping voluntarily, & people don’t help unless you engage them first.” Engaging employees in the change does not require “agile leadership” but rather, what we might properly call "Open Leadership."

In this session, we explore how Open Leadership actually engages employees. We look at the delicate inter-relationship of four factors that are necessary to create rapid and lasting positive change at scale.

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PART 2: Open Space in Organizations with Daniel Mezick and Harrison Owen

Open Space Technology (OST) is a method for organizing and running a meeting where participants have been invited in order to focus on a specific, important task or purpose. OST is a participant-driven process whose agenda is created by people attending. The OST method is based upon work, beginning in the 1980s, by Harrison Owen. Between 2004-2013, it was one of the top ten organization development tools.

Daniel will launch this meetup and Harrison Owen himself will come on live on the Coaching Agile Journeys meetup to answer questions on how he’s worked with organizations using Open Space.

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PART 3: OpenSpace Agility Explained with Daniel Mezick

OpenSpace Agility (OSA) is a safe, pragmatic and repeatable  technique for getting a rapid and lasting Agile adoption. It works with the framework you are currently using, and OSA can be added at any time. OSA is used to actively engage as many employees as possible in your Agile program.

OpenSpaceAgility (OSA) incorporates the power of invitation, Open Space, game mechanics, leadership storytelling and more…so your employees actually engage in the process of changing, and your Agile adoption can actually take root.

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PART 4: Open Approaches for Very Fast Organizational Transformation. with Niels Pflaeging

Come hear live from Niels about the most recent breakthrough approaches to organizational transformation which support the next generation of “Beta” organizational models. Beta is the organizational mindset that is fit for complex markets & fit for human beings - opposed to the command-and-control mindset from the Industrial Age. Niels will discuss with us what seemed impossible until recently: how to make the radically self-organized Beta organization happen everywhere - in just a couple of months.

Niels Pflaeging spells out an open source, all-hands, high-engagement approach to organizational transformation that is suitable for any kind of company - regardless of size, age, country/culture, legal form and industry. Seemingly obvious and yet groundbreaking, this is the way to make the Beta organization happen.

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Creating the Conditions for High Performance Business Agility

May 14-15 - BOSTON

Scaling business agility isn't simple, but real success is achievable through the use of Open patterns & practices. This is the world’s first and only leadership Symposium on how to apply Open methods to achieve agile and digital transformation.
Open methods are those methods that engage the attention & energy of your workforce. And employee engagement is essential to any success that you may have. This conference is all about that. Open methods of leadership leverage the power of invitation, to engage employees and create strongly positive business outcomes.
This is the leadership Symposium where you’ll find out exactly how to do this, safely & pragmatically. You’ll hear the case studies. And you’ll find your peers here, the new leaders. Those who have done it. Your peers, who are now teaching others how. And so: this is a very different kind of event, a Symposium on Open, leadership, business agility & Open tools, techniques & principles.
This is where you'll engage, get new learning, and make new connections. It is here that you will find the others:
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