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CAJ 054-Peter Fischbach-Acting Like an Executive Coach

CAJ 056-Marcus Dimbleby-Making Better Decisions in a VUCA World Red Teaming

CAJ 053-Mark Sheffield-Inviting Leadership

CAJ 055-Jeff Gothelf-Forever employable: how to ensure your career stays as agile as your work

CAJ 052-David Horowitz-Retrospective Q&A

CAJ 051-Craig Cockburn-Visualizing the Why-Strategy and Roadmaps in Context

CAJ 050-Edwin Van Der Geest-Don't play Chess, Shoot like Angry Birds instead

CAJ 049-Bob Galen-Culture-Shaping: An Agile Leadership Imperative

Speaker's Slides

  • On slide #3, there are 3-book links for free copies

  • On slide #28 there is a link to an e-copy of the survey we went through

  • Also on slide 28 is a link to a DRAFT 5-part series I've been working on focused towards Culture-Shaping activity/habits

CAJ 048-John Albrecht-Where have all the settlers gone?


CAJ 047-Ryan Ripley-Fixing Your Scrum: Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems


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