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CAJ 046-Christy Erbeck-Dare To Lead


CAJ 045-Daryl Kulak-The Politics of Business Agility

CAJ 044-Zach Bonaker-Agile Hiring

CAJ 043-Darren Terrell-Inviting Vision

CAJ 042-Heidi Helfand-5 Ways to Get Better at Reteaming when Scaling Your Company

CAJ 041-Lisa Cooney-Cognitive Bias

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CAJ 040-Gil Broza-How to Help Your Non-Software Colleagues Adopt Agile

CAJ 039-Ryan Latta-Tune Up your Stand Ups

CAJ 038-Jutta Eckstein-The hidden power of Organizational Open Space

CAJ 037-Daniel Vacanti-Don't be a Ditka

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